Business Insider spotlights Perimeter, other startups fighting natural disasters

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Perimeter was one of three companies featured in a Business Insider article released last week which detailed the role of new startups in combatting high-profile disaster events.

The need for new technology for wildfire and other disaster response has become more evident after several years of record-breaking natural disasters. As noted in the article, Perimeter is at the forefront of a new wave of Silicon Valley startups focused on selling to local governments for emergency management.

“Firefighters often use pencils and paper maps to coordinate coverage,” the article states. “A new group of firefighting startups, aiming to help emergency responders upgrade their technology and contain the infernos, have stepped into the gap.”

The article also notes the work that Perimeter, which it refers to as “Waze for firefighters,” has done to build close connections with emergency management agencies. Perimeter has already entered into a partnership with the Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services, and is exploring additional partnerships with other local government agencies.

The article is available online here

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