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The Guardian features Perimeter team as fires spread in California

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An article published by the Guardian last week featured Perimeter’s partnership with the Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services, highlighting the importance of new incident response technologies as fires continue to spread across California.

Perimeter began beta-testing with Palo Alto OES at the start of 2020 to complete development of a real-time communication platform that will allow for resource and personnel tracking, collaboration across different departments, and easier information-sharing with the public. The article, published September 17, underscored the need for innovative solutions like the Perimeter platform to overcome shortcomings in current fire response efforts.

Palo Alto OES director Ken Dueker stated in the article that emergency response units rely on outdated technologies like paper maps and two-way radio, without taking advantage of geospatial tools that have continued to advance in recent years. As Perimeter CEO Bailey Farren notes, the Perimeter platform will bring these tools into the hands of first responders, while also becoming a resource for evacuees in the future.

As noted in the article, “Glitches in software and outdated maps have been reported in the warning systems used to alert people in the path of the flames during several major fires in the last year. Perimeter hopes to partner with notification organizations to send a URL that attaches to a more-frequently updated map, [Farren] said.”

The article is available online here

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