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Release Notes: Version 1.25, Build 147

The Perimeter team is constantly working to enhance our application based on customer feedback and any identified bugs in the application. On April 10, 2024 the latest production version of the Perimeter Platform App will be available at the App Store and the Google Play Store. This version includes both new features and bug fixes:

  • New team member management screen
  • Allow downloading offline maps in background
  • Prevent deleting/re-shaping pre-planned zones
  • White polygon borders for satellite mode
  • Improved auto map adjustments when searching or selecting data


Improvements to our public-facing website, perimetermap.com, have also been made and are now live for community members. Fixes and changes include:

  • New map legend design with all incident types
  • Updated map control buttons
  • Improved map icons

Please contact us at support@perimeterplatform.com if you have questions or encounter challenges of any kind.


The Perimeter Team