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Cal alumni magazine spotlights Perimeter founder

Cal alumni magazine spotlights Perimeter founder

The Cal Alumni Association published an article in October highlighting Perimeter co-founder and CEO Bailey Farren’s personal history with first responders.  

Focusing on Farren’s experience growing up as the daughter of two first responders, the piece describes her family coming to terms with the dangers of her father’s occupation, as well as having to evacuate her mother during the 2017 Tubbs Fire. The North Bay fire affected much of Santa Rosa and the surrounding area, becoming the most destructive fire in California history at the time before being surpassed by the Camp Fire a year later. 

The article was published in the Cal Alumni Association’s CALIFORNIA magazine, an independent publication aimed at keeping “alumni, scholars, researchers and thoughtful readers informed about the cutting-edge ideas and innovation emanating from the campus,” according to the magazine’s website. The magazine has a readership of 95,000, with content published regularly online in addition to their quarterly print publication. 

Perimeter has continued to grow since the publication of this article, having now completed beta-testing with several departments and entered partnerships with three organizations to finalize development and initial testing of the platform. 

The article is available online here

By Trevor Greenan. Questions? Get in touch at tgreenan@perimeterplatform.com.