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Perimeter CEO discusses responder resiliency for disaster preparedness podcast

Perimeter CEO discusses responder resiliency for disaster preparedness podcast

Perimeter CEO and co-founder Bailey Farren appeared on Rebuild NorthBay’s disaster resiliency podcast in March to discuss her work supporting first responders.

Bailey was interviewed alongside her mother, Susan Farren, founder and CEO of First Responder Resiliency, Inc., a non-profit organization focused on promoting the psychological and physical well-being of public safety professionals. They both spoke about the importance of recognizing and mitigating post-traumatic symptoms caused by disaster response, and the need for new solutions for public safety moving forward.

In addition to their past work providing resiliency trainings for first responders, the podcast covered a range of issues including the difficulties of running a women-led business in a male-dominated industry and of acquiring funding in the less-developed public safety market. Bailey also discussed how her work at Perimeter is helping to overcome long-standing communication challenges in emergency management.

“Something that we’ve seen to be the case time and time again during an event that you might need to evacuate from, is that people are incredibly stressed. And so, what you want to do is get people information in the simplest, most efficient, and relevant way possible,” Bailey said during the interview.

As she explained in the podcast, the Perimeter platform provides different functionalities for different types of users. For first responders, the platform provides readily-accessible and actionable incident details while using automatic downloads to ensure offline access to new incident updates; whereas for citizens, the platform is more streamlined to display only the most essential incident information as intuitively as possible.

“We believe that by bringing first responders and public safety into conversation with the general public, by giving them the information that they need to make decisions, we’re going to have much more effective processes when it comes to evacuation and containment and many other things that happen during all types of disasters,” Bailey said.

The podcast, “How to Disaster”, is hosted by Rebuild NorthBay Foundation Executive Director Jennifer Gray Thompson, with each episode featuring interviews with different disaster professionals, community members, or leaders in the public safety space. Rebuild NorthBay provides grants for — and helps build connections between — organizations working to rebuild the North Bay region following the devastating wildfires of recent years.

The podcast episode is available online here

By Trevor Greenan. Questions? Get in touch at tgreenan@perimeterplatform.com.