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the perimeter platform

Real-time coordination across fire, law, and emergency management

During an emergency, reliable and efficient communication is critical: small delays when redirecting resources or ordering evacuations puts both responders and residents at risk. 

At Perimeter, we bridge the gap between the sophisticated GIS systems critical for improving communication with other agencies and the public, and reliable tools that are easy to use at all stages of incident response.  


Prepare for incidents in advance. Upload evacuation zones, traffic control points, and critical infrastructure so that your agency is ready to act when disaster strikes. 

Two screenshots of the Perimeter platform. The left screenshot shows the "Add Incident" page, where users can select hazard type (Road Block, Hazardous Material, Flood, Landslide, and Shelter are listed), and enter specific details. The right screen shows the process for adding a route to the map.
Two screenshots of the Perimeter platform. The left screen shows how users can add incident types to the map, with options for points, routes, and polygons. The right screen shows a user editing a polygon.

Real-time information hub

Input points, routes, and polygons to a shared map in real-time, making critical information accessible to every agency. Use this information to improve coordination between fire, law, and emergency management, or to connect responders in the field with EOC personnel. 

Integrated public communications

Keep your residents up-to-date so that they can take action during an incident. Agencies can share evacuation details directly from the Perimeter platform to all existing communication channels to make sure the public has access to timely, accurate information during every stage of a disaster. 

Two screenshots of the Perimeter platform. The left screenshot shows options for adding an evacuation zone, listing different zone categories (Repopulation Zone, Evacuation Order, and Evacuation Advisory). The right screenshot shows the "share incident" screen, where users can generate a link to a specific incident and share it via messaging or social media.

Designed for Collaboration

Emergency coordination is changing: incidents are larger and more complex than ever, and mutual aid networks are often stretched thin. Quick, seamless inter-agency collaboration is key. Perimeter connects multiple data sources into one shared platform across agencies.

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