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Perimeter closes funding round, featured in TechCrunch

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Perimeter was featured in TechCrunch on Monday after the company announced that it had finished raising a $1 million pre-seed investment round.

The pre-seed round, an early round of investment meant to provide support during the early stages of a company’s progression, will help Perimeter finalize product development and bring on necessary team members in order to deploy in the 2021 wildfire season. This fundraising round was led by Shawn Merani of Parade Ventures as well as Dustin Dolginow, with participation from the Alchemist Accelerator and the ONE WORLD Impact Fund.

The TechCrunch article describes the origin of the company following the 2018 Camp Fire and highlights some of the improvements the platform provides over current incident response tools. As Perimeter CEO Bailey Farren explained in the article, the platform is designed to “bridge the gap between agencies and citizens.”

Perimeter does this by improving the quality of current evacuation warnings: rather than rely on short, text-based notifications sent to entire cities or counties, the application provides targeted notices with location markers for incidents and hazards which can be updated with additional details in real time. The platform will also be able to collect user-submitted incident information during a wildfire or other disaster, which first responders can then access to potentially support their own response efforts.

The article is available online here

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