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Washoe County begins contract with Perimeter

Washoe County begins contract with Perimeter

On May 22, 2023, Washoe County began its contract with Perimeter, an all-risk evacuation management platform that supports information sharing and collaboration across disciplines, jurisdictional boundaries, and the public.

Washoe County is now working in collaboration with Perimeter to onboard personnel in preparation for future incidents. The app has also been used to manage road closures and shelter locations, optimizing evacuation management efficiency.

The Perimeter Platform aids public safety by making critical information like evacuation notices, road closures, and shelter locations available on its user-friendly county map. The platform’s evacuation management system allows public safety personnel, news agencies, and residents to easily share the most up-to-date information. 

With no sign-up or opt-in required, individuals can visit Perimeter’s public map to see if they are in an impacted area during an incident. The platform will only be updated by Washoe County during major incidents. 

“This is particularly important for tourists and visitors who may not know street or neighborhood names and may not be aware that they’re in an evacuation zone,” Washoe County Emergency Manager Kelly Echeverria said in a recent Washoe County press release via Washoe Life. “That’s why it was so important to us to find a tool that is user-friendly for the public and for the first responders who will be entering information.”

Washoe County has been recovering from the winter storms of Jan. 2023 that left more than 71,000 residents without power and even more with extensive property damage. To prepare for the upcoming wildfire season, the county has been declared a disaster area to qualify for relief eligibility. 

To learn more about Washoe County public safety resources, click here.

By Kelsey McIvor. Questions? Get in touch at kelseymcivor@perimeterplatform.com