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Palo Alto OES Director partners with Perimeter

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Ken Dueker, Director of the Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services (OES), has partnered with Perimeter to bring new technologies to public safety. 

Under the partnership, Perimeter will work with Palo Alto OES to finalize development and testing of the situational intelligence platform before making the application available to the Palo Alto community. Dueker has provided a testimonial outlining his office’s needs, and his experience working with Perimeter.

“We’re excited to work with Perimeter because they have, really, a different approach from the incumbent providers to public safety,” Dueker said. “Their approach precisely maps our pain points, and their eventual platform is very likely to solve problems that haven’t been solved, ever.”

Dueker has been Director of Palo Alto OES since 2011, beating out 54 other candidates for the position. According to Mercury News, he began his career in the Palo Alto Police Department in the 1990s before working full-time in disaster planning. 

During his time in emergency management, Dueker has focused on bringing new technologies and approaches to incident response: “We have an appetite to innovate, but we don’t have the tools.”

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